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Glass wool production line

Glass wool is an inorganic product made from molten glass which is then processed by a spinning process into fibers. It offers incomparable advantages for sustainable insulation. Its distinctive thermal and sound insulation performance has found many uses in various fields. Started in the early 1980s as one of the very first industry leader in insulation field, RGT glass wool technology offers a genuine solution to ensure real insulation.
RGT glass wool machinery are designed to manufacture a comprehensively wide range of glass wool products to meet different insulation needs. The versatility and excellence of glass wool products benefitted from the RGT technology give builders enhanced insulation and comfort.

Technical Parameter

RGT Glass Wool Production Line Specification
Capacity 2000 tons – 20000 tons per year
Raw material Sand, feldspar, dolomite, calcined soda, borax, limestone, others
Fuel Natural gas or heavy oil

Process Chart

Feeding Machine Melting System Spinner
Reliable and robust feeding system integrated with powerful windlass. Exhibiting great efficiency of transferring materials directly to the melting furnace. New energy saving furnace ensures a reliable melting performance and continuous operation. It requires considerably low maintenance as well. Centrifugal drawing of the glass is made through the rotating device drilled with holes.
Curing Oven Blanket Stitching Machine Packaging Machine
Patented. The pretreated wool are cured in the curing oven, additives could also be added selectively, to produce the final products, such as board, blanket.


Blanket could be strengthened with glass fabric or wire mesh using blanket stitching machine. After stitching, the strength of blanket could improve considerably.


The finished products are packed for delivery or shipment on this machine.


Pipe Rolling Machine    
By combining the best technology we hold and profuse experience of industry involvement, we could also offer glass wool products with unrivalled insulation quality and better safety performance.


Pipe section of glass wool could be manufactured using pipe rolling machine.



Classification of Rock Wool Products

Classification Nominal Density(kg/m3) Dimension
Length(mm) Width(mm) Thickness(mm)
Board 15 – 50 1200 600 / 1200 10 – 100
Blanket 15 – 50 1000 – 10000 600 / 1200 20 – 150
Pipe Section 14 – 48 Diameter 15 – 630 mm 30 – 100