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Ceramic fiber production line

Ceramic fiber is an aluminosilicate based refractory fiber, with light weight and very low thermal conductivity. They provide excellent insulation at high temperature, and resist corrosive chemicals such as commonly used acids and alkalis. It is ideal for refractory applications.

Classification of ceramic fiber products

  • Kilin insulation
  • Blanket
  • Board
  • Paper
  • Rope
  • Bulk
  • Textile
  • Moulded products

Application of ceramic fiber products

  • High temperature furnace
  • Lings
  • Stress relieving
  • Gasket application
  • Fireprotection
  • Acoustical insulation
  • Sealings
  • Expansion joints
  • Heat shields
  • Other refractory application

Manufacturing process

The fiberization process begins with a mix of alumina and high purity silica which is melted at 1926℃. A molten stream of this composition is then sheared which attenuates the material into fibers. A binder is then added and the mixture is formed and cured in the curing oven. The preformed fiber then undergoes cooling and sawing process to achieve the final high quality product. Further treatment of the fiber product could also be conducted.

Technical Parameter

RGT Ceramic Fiber Production Line Specification
Type For producing ceramic fiber For producing needled blanket
Capacity 1000 tons – 3000 tons per year 1000 tons – 2000 tons per year
Raw material Kaolin Clay, Resin
Fuel Coal, Coke, Natural gas, Diesel oil

Process Chart

Arc furnace

Curing Oven

Cutting Machine

The raw materials are melted and then poured into forming molds. Patented. The pretreated wool are cured in the curing oven, additives could also be added selectively, to produce the final products, such as board, blanket. The formed products are cut and sawed on this machine to achieve the desired dimension.

Pipe Rolling Machine

Packaging Machine

Blanket Stitching Machine

Pipe section of ceramic fiber could be manufactured using pipe rolling machine. The finished products are packed for delivery or shipment. Blanket could be strengthened with glass fabric or wire mesh using blanket stitching machine. After stitching, the strength of blanket could improve considerably.

Blanket Rolling Machine




Blankets are rolled into a bundle on this machine.