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Automatic lightweight wall panel production line

Automatic lightweight wall panel production line flow chart

Automatic Lightweight wall panel production line Flow chart
  1. EPS Pre-expander
  2. Fluidized Bed
  3. EPS Silo
  4. Screw Conveyer
  5. Aggregate Measure Bunker
  6. Silo
  7. Mixer
  8. Steep Making Machine
  9. Mixing Platform
  10. Control Room
  11. Container for Infusing Slurry
  12. Hydraulic Molding Machine
  13. Moving Automatic Stacker
  14. Forklift
  15. Storage Yard

Compound heat preserving lightweight wall panel

Lightweight wall panel is a non load-bearing compound panel , which is made by light weight concrete and covered by fiber cement board or calcium silicate board on the surfaces.

Compared with other wall materials, it has advantages of solid, lightweight, thin-layer, high strength, impact resistance, strong hanging strength, heat insulation, sound insulation, higher fireproof, easy decoration and environmental protection. Furthermore, it can be easy cut and made channels according to construction need. The product can be applied as unload-bearing wall in various categories of building. It can also be adopted as sound-proof wall and fire-proof wall.

The product has got a high popularity among the construction contractors and real estate traders since it promoted to the market. First, the high satisfaction of products quality. Second, it reduces the total construction area of the wall so as to raises the utility area( it can increase 4.26 m2 of workable area per 100 m2). Third, it reduces the structure load and improves the seismic safety of the building performance. Fourth, it reduces total building cost. It makes a new breakthrough in reformation of building material which will bring you a tidy profits with such project!

In order to answers the call of national wall reform policy, keeping up with the market demands, we develops the compound lightweight wall panel making equipment. The automation and stable performance of machine wins all praise from domestic and foreign customers.

Performance of Wall Panel

superior waterproofing performance superior waterproofing performance anti-bending breaking load
low thermal conductivity simple & firm installation simple box imbedding, pipe and pipeline installation
firm joint structure of male and female channel firm joint structure of male and female channel better anti-impact capacity
  1. Superior waterproofing performance
  2. Better anti-bending breaking load
  3. Low thermal conductivity
  4. Simple & firm installation
  5. Firm joint structure of male and female channel
  6. Simple box imbedding, pipe and pipeline installation
  7. Better anti-impact capacity

Lightweight Aggregate Mixer

Technical Parameter of Mixer
Type with lift port without lift port
Charging Volume (L) 1600
Discharging Volume (L) 1000
Max. grain Size of Aggregate (mm) 5
Speed of Mixing Blade (r/min) 27.4
Mixing Blade (PCS) 4
Model of Mixing Motor XWD11-7-160-6 (pole)
Power of Mixing Motor (kW) 11
Model of Winch 500.3 - - - - - - - - - -
Power of Winch (kW) 4.5 kW / i=20.27 - - - - - - - - - -
Height of Unloading Material (mm) 1500
Model of Water Pump Motor 3 phase self-sucking pump
Power of Water Pump Motor 0.75 kW + 1.1 kW
Frame Dimension in Working Condition (mm) 3900 x 4728 x 4382 3900 x 1550 x 5750
Frame Dimension in Transportation Condition (mm) 3900 x 2560 x 2564 3900 x 1550 x 2436
Net Weight (T) 5.5 5

Mobile Automatic Stacker

Technical Parameter of Mobile Automatic Stacker
Function Pulling panel out off wall panel molding machine, collecting wall panel together, turning over wall panel with 90°, and taking wall panels to the suitable place then translate to curing room with forklift.
Hydraulic unit motor 4 kW
Traveling motor XWD3-4-47 3 kW
Demoulding Device XWD1.1-3-59-4 1.1 kW
Wall panel pushing device 980 mm
Turnover cylinder 650 mm
/ set
75 mm (thickness) 12 (pcs)
90 mm (thickness) 10 (pcs)
100 mm (thickness) 9 (pcs)
150 mm (thickness) 7 (pcs)
200 mm (thickness) 5 (pcs)
Frame 4350 x 3612 x 1150 mm
Component Hydraulic unit motor, Turnover cylinder, Demoulding Device, Wall panel pushing device, traveling motor, Electric control cabinet

Wall Panel Molding Machine

Function Molding system
1.7 m3
Finished Wall
Panel Dimension
3000 x 600 x 75 / 90 / 100 / 150 / 200 mm
Output of Wall Panel
with Different Thickness
75 mm 12 (pcs)
90 mm 10 (pcs)
100 mm 9 (pcs)
150 mm 7 (pcs)
200 mm 5 (pcs)
Hydraulic unit Motor power 2.2 kW
Piston Diameter Ø 80 mm
Operating Stroke 400 mm
Operating Pressure 3-4 Mpa
Molding Time 2 hours (High aluminium cement)
Net Weight 5T
Component Host machine, hydraulic unit, mould

Container for Infusing Slurry

Technical Parameter of Slurry Pump
Function Transferring the material and inject material into wall panel molding machine under high pressure
Infusing Volume 1 m3
Working Pressure 0.4 MPa
Motor Power Traveling Motor 1.1 kW
Air Compresor Motor 3 kW
Frame Dimension 2755 x 1200 x 1665
Component Slurry container, rail, Air compressor, Pipe

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