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Sandwich Panel Production Line (PU/PIR/Rock Wool/Glass Wool)

Sandwich Panel production line flow chart

Sandwich Panel Production Line (PU/PIR/Rock Wool/Glass Wool)
  1. Hydraulic decoiler
  2. Plastic film coating device
  3. Roll forming machine
  4. Conveyer
  5. Raise device
  6. Slitting machine
  7. Automatic feeding system
  8. Preheating room
  9. High pressure pu foaming machine
  10. Double belt press machine
  11. Saw cutter
  12. Cooler for pu sandwich panel
  13. Turn over device
  14. Auto stacking
  15. Wrapping machine

Sandwich Panel Production Line Process Flow

Sandwich Panel Production Line Process Flow

Sandwich Panel Usage

Sandwich Panel Production Line from the discharge, forming, cutting after forming composition, the products look beautiful smooth paint pattern uniform, high strength, durable, widely used in industrial and civil buildings, such as factories, warehouses, machine garages, hangars, gymnasium, exhibition halls, theaters and other room surfaces and walls. Its components include: machine, PLC computer control system, hydraulic pump station system, automatic cutting system after Features: The device uses a high level of color steel automatic control software, production information management.

    Color steel equipment PLC control system features:
  1. A simple operation of the control system, the normal automatic production do not need to go backwards, but a forward-pressure cutting is completed.
  2. High accuracy, precision cut each slice is less than 0.1mm, meet the technical requirements.
  3. The program is stable and reliable.