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Modified bitumen membrane production line

Modified Bitumen Membranes are composite sheets consisting of bitumen, modifiers and reinforcements. A typical modified bitumen system (MBS) is composed primarily of polymer-modified bitumen reinforced with one or more plies of fabric such as polyester, fiberglass, or a combination of both.

It combines the features of a built-up roof with the added tensile strength from its polymer modification. Using a reinforced sheet that is prefabricated in the plant, modified bitumen systems require a less labor-intensive application and can be applied cross-platform in both commercial and certain residential applications.

RGT modified bitumen membrane production line is specially designed to cover better. At the heart of RGT modified bitumen membrane production line is the optimized technology for mixing and coating to ensure a higher production capacity and more quality products.

Distinctive features and advantages of RGT modified bitumen technology

  • Versatile production capacity for higher quality products
  • Multifunctional to meet different requirements
  • Highly effective mixing and coating technology
  • Effective emission control system to protect environment

Technical Parameter

RGT Modified Bitumen Membrane Production Line
Production capacity 3-10 million m2/a, more challenging production also available
Reinforcing material Polyester, fiberglass mat
Modifier SBS, APP, IPP and etc
Facing material Sand, Mineral granule, PE film, Aluminum foil
Workshop dimension (L×W× H) 60m × (12-15)m × (6 - 8)m as per production capacity

Pictures of our modified bitumen membrane machinery







Schematic layout of RGT modified bitumen system

Schematic layout of RGT modified bitumen membrane production line

RGT modified bitumen membrane production line, technology to cover you better for the future