Roll forming machine


Roll forming is a progressive motion process by bending cold metal through a series of roll stands or passes to achieve a desired shape. It has a number of advantages over other forming techniques.

RGT Engineering Co., Ltd. roll forming technology represents a more rapid and flexible forming solution for delicate and complicated products. We take great pride in the technical design and concepts we have introduced over the years to increase the productivity and accuracy of our roll forming systems which allows you to run individual parts with a wide variety of lengths and patterns, reducing set-ups, downtime and scrap loss.


You could always rely on RGT when the following priorities are to be considered:

Great volume of parts is required
Ability of producing variety of shapes with the same machine
Ability to produce parts of different length
Forming parts with different thickness
Integration of auxiliary equipments
Sufficient cost reduction
RGT roll forming machine lines include the following machines:  
C and Z purlin roll forming machine
Double-deck roll forming machine
Roofing tile roll forming machine
Door frame roll forming machine
Flooring roll forming machine
Aluminum roll forming machine
Custom roll forming machine