RGT Engineering Co., Ltd. 

Rebond foam machine

Bonded foam, or rebond foam, is a moulded polyurethane product which is made from polyurethane foam scraps through a process of foam shredding, binder coating, mould compression and rebonded foam converting by the use of foam rebonding machine. The relative high density and excellent resilience has made it in a wide range of applications over the last decades. These applications include: vibration and sound dampening, flooring, sport mats, cushioning, packaging and carpet underlay.

RGT Engineering Co., Ltd. has the best practice to recycle waste polyurethane foam and turn it into reusable resource for new applications which so far could be not satisfied by virgin foam material. Rebonding of polyurethane foam can be carried out through batch or through continuous moulding. The technologies used vary according to the market requirements and the final use of rebond articles.

Rebonding Process

  • Foam collecting and sorting
  • Shredding
  • Foam transferring
  • Binder coating
  • Mould compression
  • Binder curing
  • Foam sawing

Technical Parameters

Item Parameter
Blending tank 10 cubic meter
Blending speed 40 r/min
Working pressure 1.2 M stroke
Moulding tank size (L×W×H) 2050 mm×1550 mm×1000 mm
Total power 16 kw
External size (L×W×H) 6000 mm×3850 mm×5300 mm